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  • Richmond Male Academy Cadet Button / SOLD

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    Richmond Male Academy Cadet Button - Inventory Number: CON 404 / SOLD

    Extremely rare 23mm button attributed to the Richmond Male Academy. Some collectors believe these were from the Randolf-Macon Academy of Port Royal, Virginia. The button is of three-piece construction and similar to a U.S. staff button but has “CADET” above and “R.M.A.” below the eagle. According to Tice’s button book, at least ten have been recovered near Richmond and one from Dinwiddie County. This one has the shank and a “SCOVILL MF’G CO/WATERBURY backmark and a brown/green patina overall, with hints of gilt in the lined background. Listed as VAS288 in Tice’s button book. An exceptionally rare button in any condition. 

    Comes housed in 6 inch x 8 inch riker display case with black velvet backing and descriptive card.


    Inventory Number: CON 404 / SOLD