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  • Scarce Militia Buckle, Pennsylvania State Fencibles

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    Scarce Militia Buckle, Pennsylvania State Fencibles - Inventory Number: BEL 358

    Scarce shoulder belt plate of the Pennsylvania State Fencibles, circa 1850-1875. The State Fencibles was a military organization raised in Philadelphia in 1813 as part of the Pennsylvania militia and continued as a unit in the National Guard until independent battalions were abolished around 1900. The plate is a gilt rolled brass plate with clipped corners and a cast brass bust of Colonel James Page, a popular commanding officer, secured by two brass wire loops through the plate and held in place by two leather thongs. Four wire attachment loops are soldered on the back of the main plate. This plate was worn in tribute to Page, who joined the Fencibles during the War of 1812. This plate can be found on page 458 plate 769 of American Military Belt Plates by O'Donnell and Campbell. Measures 3" x 4 1/8." A rare plate that was once part of the collections of Chuck Hart and Duncan Campbell.

    Comes housed in a display case with velvet backing and descriptive card.

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    Inventory Number: BEL 358