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  • Sharps and Hankins Navy Carbine / SOLD

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    Sharps and Hankins Navy Carbine- Inventory Number: RIF 113 / SOLD

    Sharps and Hankins 

    With original leather on barrel. 

    Wartime .52 caliber breechloading firearm designed Christian Sharps. The ‘Navy’ type carbine had its barrel covered with black leather as rust protection against the sea elements.  Produced by the Sharps & Hankins firm in Philadelphia, PA, this carbine was chambered for the No. 56 Sharps & Hankins rimfire metallic cartridge.

    Right side of the frame exhibits the address “SHARPS / & / HANKINS / PHILADA” in four lines while the left side frame shows the patent “SHARPS / PATENT / 1859”. Stampings show some wear. Serial #114344 is stamped onto the upper receiver tang. 

    This Sharps & Hankins Model 1862 rimfire carbine is a very nice example of a Civil War Federal Navy arm and would enhance any collection.

    Inventory Number: RIF 113 / SOLD