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  • SNY Belt Plate / Sold

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    SNY Belt Plate - Inventory Number: LEA 160 / Sold 

    A very fine example of the oval, SNY belt plate, for use by troops of the State of New York, followed the Federal Regulations of 1839 and was designed to secure a belt fitted over the soldier’s jacket; it was used to carry his cartridge and cap boxes, as well as his bayonet scabbard. The brass plate was stamped on thin sheet brass, which was filled with lead; it was configured as a right-handed buckle, with attachment studs under the “S. This plate has a super pleasing even patina with puppy paw belt hooks and beveled tongue.  It is mounted on a very good condition early model belt with leather keeper device.  A very pretty example!


    Inventory Number: LEA 160 / Sold