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  • Springfield Rifle-Musket Model 1863 Type II / SOLD

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    Springfield Rifle-Musket Model 1863 Type II - Inventory Number: RIF 072 / SOLD

    Dated 1864

    A wonderful example of a Type II Model 1863 Springfield Rifle Musket from the government arsenal manufactured at Springfield, MA.  Over 250,000 long arms were produced for the US Ordnance Dept. during the American Civil War.

    All gun metal is excellent and uncleaned. Very sharp and crisp “VP/Eagle” proofs.  Good bore showing strong rifling. Rear and front sights original. All three barrel bands are present and bear the “U” marking. Lockplate surface shows a patina over the case colors with a smooth finish. Date “1864” very sharply stamped behind the hammer. Lockplate markings also very sharp, “Eagle/US/Springfield”. Barrel breech area with strong eagle stamp on the bolster. Original nipple intact. Butt-plate standard “US” markings.  Mechanics are very crisp and tight. All screws original and not messed with. Steel tulip-shaped ramrod original and retains the threaded end.

    Black walnut stock, with edges around the lockplate and cheek plate very sharp. Stock has no cracks or splits. Very minor storage dings and a soldier’s initial carved opposite the lock otherwise a nice untouched, original stock that still retinas the “feathering” on the stock.

    A fine condition 1863 Type II Model Springfield Rifle Musket, all original in working order.

    Inventory Number: RIF 072 / SOLD