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  • Starr Double Action Revolver / Sold

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    Starr Double Action Revolver - Inventory Number: HAN 121 / Sold

    This is a very attractive original .44 caliber Model 1858 double action revolver made by the Starr Firearms Company of New York.  They only made about 23,000 of these revolvers from the late 1850's until the early 1860's.  It has a gray tone all over with a nice look.  All of the Starr markings and patent dates are present on the sides of the frame.  The action works well, but the cylinder does not advance properly.  The gun had traces of the original factory bluing remaining in the protected areas.  This is a nice touch on an already attractive revolver.  This is a nice looking and complete Civil War double action Starr Army Revolver.  

    Inventory Number: HAN 121 / Sold