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  • Starr Single Action Revolver /SOLD

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    Starr Single Action Revolver - Inventory Number: HAN 122 / SOLD

    This primarily Cavalry issued weapon was manufactured by the Starr Arms Company of New York City, New York circa 1863 as part of a 25,000-revolver contract for the U.S. Ordnance Department.  Another 7,000 are believed to have been manufactured for the commercial market.  The Starr single action percussion .44 Army revolvers were the third most widely used revolvers of the American Civil War following Colt and Remington. 

    The Model 1863 .44 caliber revolver was manufactured upon the request of the Ordnance Department for a simpler and less expensive single action only version of Starr’s innovative double action design which was patented in 1858.

    The original owner’s initials “H.E.” are checkered on the underside of the grip.  Nice large frame primary revolver of the Civil War.

    Inventory Number: HAN 122 / SOLD