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  • "Target Rifle" Box Sharpshooters Display / SOLD

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    "Target Rifle" Box Sharpshooters Display - Inventory Number: FIR 103 / SOLD

    Sharpshooters Display

    This very rare original wood box contains all the essential tools and implements to fire and maintain the firearm.   In the onset of the war soldiers would be equipped with their target rifles, necessitating implements to make cartridges and service their weapon. This is the first standalone example we’ve encountered in nearly thirty years of collecting and dealing.  Many cased rifles contained sections for these items, however this example is more portable and very comparable to a range box one would possess today, this kit includes:

    ·       False muzzle (designed to insert the bullet just pass the 1st half inch of the rifling ensuring the rifling was not damaged as it would affect the accuracy).  

    ·       Bullet mold with sprue cutter

    ·       Percussion caps in original tin

    ·       Powder measure

    ·       Wad cutters x 4

    ·       Original cloth patches

    ·       Tin powder funnel

    ·       Screwdriver

    ·       Cleaning patches

    ·       Bullets

    Case measures: 12” x 7” x 5” with partitions for the accoutrements.  The lid retains a grid for bullets waiting to be loaded would be seated.  The exterior retains nearly all of the original forest green paint and the leather carry handle.

    A very rare Civil War implement box and a must for a Sharpshooters exhibit.

    Inventory Number: FIR 103 / SOLD