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  • Tin Drum Canteen / SOLD

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    Tin Drum Canteen - Inventory Number: CAN 096 / SOLD

    Very good original example of the soldier’s essential canteen.  Made popular in the late 1840’s and catching popularity in the 1850’s, this example dated to the very beginning of the Civil War,  This style featuring a pair of convex sides to allow a greater amount of water to be carried.  The sides are mounted with three semi-circular sling retention loops which are soundly soldered in place.  These larger, rounded loops are often encountered on early war southern examples as the popularity of a cord sling was being phased into the rectangular retention bars, creating a transitional large semi-circular design.  The original cotton sling is present constructed of cotton twill with an intersecting weave pattern.  The spout is firmly affixed and there are no holes, large dents or signs of rust.  The rolled tin lines are visible throughout with a pleasant trace of the original tinning highlighting the recessed areas.  Also appears to be a name lightly scratched in the surface which would require further investigation.  Just a very pretty example! 

    Inventory Number:  CAN 096 / SOLD