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  • Sharps Rifle Cartridge Box / SOLD

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    Sharps Rifle Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 293 / SOLD

    Scarce cartridge box designed for the Sharps rifle. The box measures 6 ¾” across the top and has a single flap with side ears and a sewn and riveted closure tab, which is present but split. The outer flap opens to reveal an implement pouch and a compartment with a single tin insert with no dividers. The back of the box has two belt loops that are sewn and riveted in place. The leather is somewhat dry with some crazing on the rear and bottom of the box. An identical example is shown on page 204 of Echoes of Glory: Arms and Equipment of the Union. A must-have addition to a Civil War accoutrement collection.


    Inventory Number: LEA 293 / SOLD