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  • U.S.N. Soap Dish / SOLD

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    U.S.N. Soap Dish - Inventory Number: PER 295 / SOLD

    Two-piece container made of Gutta Percha. Issued to sailors aboard U.S. Navy ships during the Civil War. Lid reads, "Don't Give Up The Ship" and "U.S.N." over an anchor. The container was for shaving soap and retains its original mirror inside the lid. Marked on the bottom, "Manufactured by the Novelty Rubber Company Co., Brunswick, New Jersey, Under Goodyear's patent May 6, 1851." The soap dish is approximately 3.25" in diameter x 1.5" high. Gutta Percha was the first "plastic" which could be molded into most any form and was heat/flame resistant.

    Inventory Number: PER 295 / SOLD