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    William Rufus Devane King - Inventory Number: AUT 037 / SOLD

    Signature of Vice President Willam Rufus Devane King

    He was the 13th vice president of the United States for six weeks in 1853 before his death. Earlier he had been elected as a U.S. representative from North Carolina and a senator from Alabama. He also served as minister to France during the reign of King Louis Philippe I.

    A Democrat, he was a Unionist and his contemporaries considered him to be a moderate on the issues of sectionalism, slavery and westward expansion, which contributed to the American Civil War. He helped draft the Compromise of 1850. He is the only United States executive official to take the oath of office on foreign soil; he was inaugurated in Havana, Cuba, due to poor health. King died of tuberculosis after 45 days in office. With the exceptions of John Tyler and Andrew Johnson—both of whom succeeded to the presidency—he is the shortest-serving vice president.

    King was the only U.S. vice president from the state of Alabama and held the highest political office of any Alabamian in American history. He was the third vice president to die in office.

    Inventory Number: AUT 037 / SOLD