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  • Virginia Secession Cockade / SOLD

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    Virginia Secession Cockade - Inventory Number: CON 322 / SOLD

    Secession cockade made from three ruffled rings of red, white, and blue silk with three silk ribbons pinned to the back. At the center of the cockade is the face of a Virginia coat sized staff button, listed as VA261B in Uniform Buttons of the United States 1776-1865 by Warren K. Tice. The button is fixed to the cockade via two brass pins soldered to the back. The cockade measures about 4 ½” wide and 7 ½” long. A fine piece of Confederate Virginia memorabilia.

    Comes housed in an 8 x 14 inch display case with black velvet backing and descriptive card.


    Inventory Number: CON 322 / SOLD