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    Civil War “Carpet Bag” - Inventory Number: MIS 110 / Sold

    Handsome, original, mid-nineteenth century traveling handbag or luggage case often referred to as a ‘carpetbag.’ During the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War, Northerners who ventured South in search of profit and political opportunity carried their personal goods and belongings in carpetbags and were derisively called carpetbaggers by the locals.

    Constructed of colorful pieces of rug carpeting with a pleasing floral design, the bag appears to be the hooked-rug type of construction. The lockable, carry handbag has a flap and button closure with a pair of leather handles. The lock is embossed “J. Terry & Co.”. When closed, the bag measures 11” long x 16” wide. Exterior bottom of the bag expands to 3” wide.  Entire bag interior is lined with a cotton material with an articulating iron rod with cotton attached, forming a pair of interior compartments. Lining is in good overall condition. Base of bag is floral embossed leather with a set of brass trunk feet.

    Inventory Number: MIS 110 / Sold