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  • False Embroidered Civil War Officer’s Crossed Cannon Insignia

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    False Embroidered Civil War Officer’s Crossed Cannon Insignia - Inventory Number: INS 252

    This stamped brass device is an excellent example of a Civil War artillery officer's hat insignia. Device features two long cannon tubes crossed below their center points.  Made to mimic the regulation insignia that was constructed of embroidered bullion thread, these stamped brass variants were much sturdier in the field.  This specimen is in very good condition.  The one-piece insignia measures about 2 ½” wide and is 1 ¾” high.  This piece shows a pleasing, mellow brass patina. There are no bends, dents, or blemishes.  Piece retains all four original, small brass wires soldered to the body.  Reference Figure 270 in Campbell & O'Donnell's "Headgear Insignia." The insignia comes housed in 5” x 6” riker display case with red velvet backing and descriptive card.

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    Inventory Number: INS 252