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  • Harper’s Ferry Model 1842

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    Harper’s Ferry Model 1842 - Inventory Number: RIF 197

    Excellent 1848 Dated Mexican War Example

    This is an example of a Harpers Ferry Model 1842, .69 caliber percussion musket manufactured in 1847. The Model 1842 Musket has the distinction of being the first regulation percussion firearm manufactured in a national armory, the first musket manufactured at the U.S. Armories at Springfield and Harpers Ferry with completely interchangeable components and the last .69 caliber, smoothbore musket issued by the U.S. Army. The Model 1842 musket was the primary infantry weapon of both the Union and Confederate armies during the first two years of the Civil War. It was still used in significant numbers by both armies as late as 1863 and was not fully supplanted by the .58 caliber rifle-musket at the end of the war. This musket has standard bright barrel, lock and furniture and a black walnut, oil finished stock. The lock plate is marked: "HARPERS / FERRY / 1848" in three vertical lines at the rear of the hammer and "eagle and shield / "U.S." is stamped in front of the hammer. The barrel tang is dated "1845" and the left rear of the barrel is marked with "V / P / "eagle head" proof and inspection marks as well as a script "AR" over "P". The buttplate is stamped "U.S." ahead of the upper screw. The left stock flat has a faint oval cartouche. Complete with a bright "U.S." marked socket bayonet.

    Very fine. The metal surfaces have a smooth silver-gray patina with some small areas of discoloration. The stock is also very fine with a few pressure dents on the left side of the forearm and overall scattered minor dings and dents. The markings are crisp and clear. The action is excellent. The bayonet has a smooth silver finish. A very fine example of a seldom encountered U.S. Harpers Ferry Model 1842 Musket which was a veteran of the Mexican American and Civil War.

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    Inventory Number: RIF 197