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  • Hillsborough Military Academy – North Carolina

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    Hillsborough Military Academy – North Carolina - Inventory Number: CON 208

    Nice Dug Coat Button from the Hillsborough Military Academy in North Carolina Tice’s NCS270Am, medium coat size and shows no pushes, cracks, or damage of any sort, front or back. The front retains about 35-40% of its original gold gilt still visible which has not been cleaned. The remainder of the metal, front and back shows a smooth dark patina. The device is a five-point star at center, with the letters N C at either side, inside a circle. Around the outside of that circle and inside an outer circle are the words, “Hillsborough Military Academy *”, all on a lined field. The reverse shows a still legible depressed maker’s mark of “Schuyler H. & G. N. York,” along with an intact, upright shank still present. Recovered from the Cold Harbor battlefield. 19mm.

    Inventory Number: CON 208