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  • Lincoln Campaign “Wide Awake” Kepi / SOLD

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    Lincoln Campaign “Wide Awake” Kepi - Inventory Number: UNI 097 / SOLD

    Rare “Wide Awake” Kepi from the 1860 Presidential Election. Made of red, white and blue painted canvas with an off-white lining. The visor is leather bound around the edge with oilcloth. The non-functioning leather chinstrap is help in place by flat brass buttons. Some minor paint loss on the creases but otherwise in excellent, well used condition. A rare piece of early Republican political memorabilia. 

    The Wide Awakes organization was a political club loosely associated with the Know Nothing Movement in the 1850s. The Wide Awakes supported the new Republican Party in the 1860 presidential campaign and was largely composed of young, politically active men.  In Chicago, on October 3, 1860, 10,000 Wide Awakes marched in a three-mile procession in support of the Republicans. Their uniform consisted of a waterproofed kepi, short, waterproofed cape and an oil lamp mounted on a 6-foot pole.

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    Inventory Number: UNI 097 / SOLD