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  • Schnitzler & Kirschbaum Model 1840 “Trials Model” Cavalry Saber / ON-HOLD

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    Schnitzler & Kirschbaum Model 1840 “Trials Model” Cavalry Saber - Inventory Number:  SWO 240 / ON-HOLD

    This saber is one of 600 cavalry sabers purchased from Schnitzler & Kirschbaum in 1839 by the Ordnance Department for field trials, prior to large contracts for the Model 1840s. The back of the blade is marked with a diamond with an “O” in the center, “39” for the year 1839, and “S & K.” The blade has darkened to a light gray with light scattered pitting and a few spots of light rust. The edge has been field sharpened with numerous nicks. The brass guard has developed a pleasing, mellow patina. The leather grip is in fair condition with some areas of wear down to the wood and is missing the twisted brass wire wrap beyond the pommel. The scabbard is in nice condition with a light brown patina overall. A scarce and important cavalry saber that would be a great addition to an advanced U.S. military edged weapons collection. 

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     Inventory Number:  SWO 240 / ON-HOLD