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  • Union Soldier’s Letter with Petersburg Battle Content / SOLD

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    Union Soldier’s Letter with Petersburg Battle Content - Inventory Number: DOC 277 / SOLD

    Four-page letter in pencil from an unidentified Union soldier in front of Petersburg, Virginia. He writes his mother and brother the following…

    “July 10th, 1864

    Camp near Petersburg

    Dear mother and brother, it is with great pleasure that I seat myself on the ground to pencil you a fiew lines to let you know whair I am and how I am. I am about the same as when I left you and hope these fiew lines will find you all well. We reached our Company Thursday night and they was just getting ready to go out into the rifle pits in front of the enemy where the bullets were a flying like hailstone there we lay until last night two days and knights and then we was relieved and came into camp. And I have just been out and cut up a good big armful of the Rebs corn to put under our tents to ly on which makes a verry good cool bed for us to ly on. Well enough of this it was a sight to see the boys they was so dirty and black. So they called me the new recruit because I was so much cleaner and whiter and they was so glad to see me that they would shake my arm off how do you get along. You may think that you have it pretty hard. But you don't know anything about it. you may be thankful that you are as well off as you are for you are not in danger of getting a bullet through you every time you stur out well I want you to write me all the news and send me a newspaper and just put in some tea inside for I want something to rinse down the hardtack and raw pork that is what is the matter I got my furlough yesterday. We'll have you got my box that I left to the depo you just fooled me out of that. I was so confused about my furlough but never mind. Maybe that I shall live through it but if I do you can call me tough. So no more at present my love to you all and all inquiring friends please write as soon as you get this without fail tell Marthy that she must write some to.”

    A wonderful Civil War letter with good Petersburg battle and camp content, easily readable and in good condition.


    Inventory Number: DOC 277 / SOLD