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  • Wartime “Stonewall Jackson” Medal / Sold

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    Wartime “Stonewall Jackson” Medal - Inventory Number: CON 201 / Sold

    White metal (tin), 2 in. diameter. Medal struck in Paris before the end of the Civil War to commemorate the life of famed Confederate General Stonewall Jackson. The medal shows a right facing bust of General Stonewall Jackson on the front with the inscription, "LIEUT, GENERAL T. J. JACKSON. STONEWALL" and "BORN 1821. DIED 1863." (General Jackson was actually born in 1824.) Below the head, in small letters, is CAQUE F. the signature of the Parisian die engraver. Inscribed on the reverse is the national motto of the Confederate States of America, DEO VINDICE, surrounded by a wreath of tobacco and corn stalks with a small trophy of arms at the bottom, a shield, and the names of the General’s major battles, although there are some inaccuracies in the battles referenced. The maker’s name, EDITEUR, appears in small letters at the bottom of the reverse.

    Funded by Confederate subscriptions, the Jackson Memorial Medals were prepared to be presented to members of the Stonewall Brigade. While the medals successfully ran the Union Blockade, many were ultimately lost, only to be found again at a Custom House in Savannah in 1894. The stock was at that time turned over to the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Confederate Veteran’s Association of Savannah, to be sold for the benefit of Confederate veterans.

    Inventory Number: CON 201 / Sold