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  • 12 Pound Civil War Cannonball / SOLD

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    12 Pound Civil War Cannonball - Inventory Number: ART 355 / SOLD

    12lb. solid shot cannonball in nearly non-excavated condition. This came out of an old Virginia collection and is accompanied by a letter from the family. “This 12-pound cannonball was found on Seaton’s Hill near the town of Upperville, Virginia. This is where Captain John Pelham and the Stuart Horse Artillery rested on October 25, 1862. It was bought by my grandfather, James Anderson in 1959. It is in good condition with some pits and was painted black for preservation. He had a very large collection of historical artifacts from all over Virginia that he collected for over 50 years. Jane Anderson.” An excavated ball that would be difficult to upgrade.

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    Inventory Number: ART 355 / SOLD