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  • 1808-1830's Artillery Button

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    1808-1830's Artillery Button, Treble Gilt (23mm). This federal style button was manufactured in England, and could have been used by either the federal, or state militia artillery units.  Button depicts a calling eagle with upraised wings facing right.  The eagle is standing on a ringed cannon with a ribbed breech.  The cannon has a short carriage which extends to the back of the wheel.  There are five decorative carriage bolts in this pattern.  The carriage's wheel is round with eight spokes.  The cannon sits on a higher ground in a field of grass.  The high relief pattern is set on a lined filed, which has a wide plain oval boarder, and a rope edge.  Backmark: "TREBLE GILT (star) / STANDd. COLOUR (star) within a channel od 2dm rings.  Flat one-piece button with original loop shank.  Great early button.  

    Reference: Albert Unlisted Variant AY 51-B

    Inventory Number: BUT 072