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  • 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket with ID to William H. Hann 8th Virginia Infantry, Listed as Missing/Absent after Pickett’s Charge / SOLD

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    1853 Enfield Rifle Musket with ID to William H. Hann 8th Virginia Infantry, Listed as Missing/Absent after Pickett’s Charge - Inventory Number:  RIF 155 / SOLD

    The .577 British Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket was the most widely imported longarm of the Civil War. Approximately 900,000 were used by both sides in nearly every battle of the conflict from Shiloh to Appomattox. This rifle was imported into the Confederacy, as evidenced by the mark of a crown over “SHG”, which is one of the known inspection marks use by Sinclair, Hamilton, and Company and is often found on guns with 1862 dated lock plates. Forward of the trigger guard is stamped the letter "Q", which is one of the known C&R (Clean & Repair) inspection marks use by a Confederate armory to certify a weapon as being operational and ready for re-issue. On the side of the stock is faintly caved the name W. H. Hann. A search of the Civil War database found one positive match, William H Hann who was a Private in Company E, Virginia 8th Infantry. He enlisted on May 29, 1861, was wounded at the Battle of Gaines' Mill, and listed as absent (missing) just shortly after the Battle of Gettysburg on July 9, 1863. The 8th Virginia took part in Pickett’s Charge and suffered 90 percent casualties during the battle.  The condition of this rifle, and the markings on the stock, tell us much about it. The crown over “SHG” reveals the gun as being originally Confederate purchased, and the faintness of the mark may be a result of the Clean & Repair process. The C&R inspection mark "Q" tells us the gun was recovered off a battlefield in which the Confederates controlled. Private Hann was wounded at the battle of Gaines' Mills and may have lost this gun at that time, which might account for the carved name being so faint. However, it is possible this gun was reissued to Private Hann sometime after the Battle of Gaines Mill and he carried it at Gettysburg and lost it during Picket's Charge.

    All iron surfaces of the rifle have a deep, slick, dark brown untouched patina. The bore is somewhat dark with sharp rifling. The barrel retains the long-range rear sight, which is missing the tension spring, and the bolster has the original nipple. The side of breech is stamped with the “24 * 24 *” proof marks. The stock remains in good, well used condition with dings and dents from service, and retains the original ramrod with threaded end for cleaning implements. Included with the rifle is a binder full of military records on Hann and history on the 8th Virginia. This is a very attractive Confederate Enfield.


    Inventory Number:  RIF 155 / SOLD