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  • 1858 Dated Enfield Cavalry Pistol / SOLD

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    1858 Dated Enfield Cavalry Pistol - Inventory Number: HAN 149 / SOLD

    Octagonal barrel single shot, smoothbore pistol with a lanyard ring on the but and captive ramrod.  A sling swivel bar and ring is mounted on the offside.  The lock plate bears a crown over VR aft of the hammer and ENFIELD / 1858 forward.  Inspections and view marks at barrel breech on left.  Brass mounts including a flat brass nose cap.  Wood shows decent tones, deep brown and some black.  Metal is a uniform light steel grey. Used by British mounted forces fighting in Queen Victoria’s “Little Wars.” Some having come south through the blockade.

    Inventory Number: HAN 149 / SOLD