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  • 1860 Abraham Lincoln Engraving from 1857 Photograph / SOLD

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    1860 Abraham Lincoln Engraving from 1857 Photograph - Inventory Number: POL 210 / SOLD

    Engraving of Abraham Lincoln printed by Thomas Doney of Illinois during the 1860 presidential campaign. The engraving was based on the 1857 photograph of Lincoln by Alexander Hessler. As the original owner of the negative related, “I have a letter from Mr. Hessler stating that [Lincoln] came in and made arrangements for the sitting, so that the members of the bar could get prints. Lincoln said at the time that he did not know why the boys wanted such a homely face. Joseph Medill went with Mr. Lincoln to have the picture taken. He says that the photographer insisted on smoothing down Lincoln's hair, but Lincoln did not like the result, and ran his fingers through it before sitting.” Thomas Doney added a beard to Lincoln for this version of the engraving and added a dark background to partially obscure Lincoln’s ruffled hair. The print is housed in a 12” by 14” period frame. A scarce Abraham Lincoln engraving. 


    Inventory Number: POL 210 / SOLD