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  • 1860 Army Saddle Holster with Eagle Finial

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    1860 Army Saddle Holster with Eagle Finial - Inventory Number: LEA 189 

    When revolver models such as the Walker Colt revolver and the Colt Dragoon revolver came to the market, they were heavy weapons that were impractical to carry them.  The US military even issued holsters for cavalry in the 1850s, designed to carry these heavy revolvers.

    This example was designed for use with the Colt "Army" revolver and field altered to carry a single rather than a pair.  The overall condition of the leather of the holster is good; pommel yoke is supple and still complete and intact.  The opposing holster was removed as evidence by the cut remainder of the leather and stitching.  The large brass finial at the base of the holster exhibits a large raised American Eagle in the pattern of the Hardee hat plate.  An outstanding cavalry pommel holster! 

    Inventory Number: LEA 189