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  • 1861 Contract Musket / SOLD

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    1861 Contract Musket - Inventory Number: RIF 117 / SOLD

    1 of 2,200

    The lockplate is dated 1863 at the rear and marked forward of the hammer with an American eagle over the “U.S” and forward of that, Savage R.F.A. Co / MIDDLETOWN Ct.” The top barrel flat has a crisp matching 1863 date and sharp “V/P” Eaglehead, barrel proofs on the left breech. The savage revolving firearms company had completed its revolver contract with the U.S by September 1862 when it received a contract for 25,000 1861 pattern rifle muskets, about 9,000 of which were delivered by the end of 1863. The side barrel flat, however bears a “N.J.” stamp and the left stock flat shows a matching “N.J.” in the wood, indicating this rifle was one of the just 2,200 made by Savage that were contracted for delivery to New Jersey in 1863 by the partnership of Perkins and Livingston, operating as the Meridian Arms Company, making it both scarce and in remarkable condition.


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    Inventory Number: RIF 117 / SOLD