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  • 1861 Pattern .69 Caliber Cartridge Box / SOLD

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    1861 Pattern .69 Caliber Cartridge Box - Inventory Number: LEA 141 / SOLD

    Original .69 caliber Federal Pattern 1861 leather cartridge box in good, complete condition.  This accouterment accommodated forty rounds of the large .69 caliber minie ball cartridges.  The black bridal leather outer flap on this early war box is in strong yet supple condition.  Edges of the outer flap and the implement ouch are strong.  Affixed to the center of the outer flap exterior is the original oval, brass US regulation cartridge box plate with raised letters "US".  This device has two iron loops that protrude through the back of the outer flap and is secured with a narrow piece of leather.  Brass plate wears a pleasing and mellow, dark bronze patina overall.  Purpose of the box plate was ornamental but its weight helped to keep the outer flap down, protecting the cartridges from the elements.  

    A single horizontal line of stitching secures the leather closure tab to the underside of the outer flap just below the brass plate.  Closure is lacking.  The ball-shaped brass finial is affixed to the box bottom and serves to secure the closure tab.  Black leather secondary flap is nicely preserved and exhibits a pair of soldier initials "F.S.".  No maker's stamp visible.  inner flap retains its two, small, leather "ears" sewn to each end flap to protect the paper cartridges from the elements.  An implement pouch of thin leather, in good condition, is sewn to the front of the box.  Pouch closure tab is strong and intact.  

    Box backside shows two stitched horizontal leather loops through which the leather shoulder strap or sling passes.  Box bottom is lacking both of the original japanned black metal roller buckles which had been cut buy the soldier to produce countless other implements.  Sewn and riveted tot he backside are two vertical leather loops for a waist belt to pass through.  The box retains one of its two original metal ammunition tins.  Edges of each tin are turned over and soldered down to prevent accidental tearing open of the paper cartridges.  This Federal .69 caliber, 1861 Pattern leather cartridge box makes a great specimen for any soldiers display.  

    Inventory Number: LEA 141 / SOLD