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  • 1864 Crucifix in a Bottle

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    1864 Crucifix in a Bottle - Inventory Number: BOT 120

    This is an exceptionally unique relic. Inside a clear glass Civil War era bottle is a hand carved wooden crucifix that was glued together inside the bottle. Jesus is painted gold, surrounded by the ‘Arma Christi,” or Instruments of the Passion. The lance, ladder, pincers, and spade are intricately carved and meticulously glued in place. Affixed to the front of the bottle is an old note that reads “the crucifix in this bottle was made by Tom McKittrick, son of Florence (Dick) Vignos’ Great Grandfather, in 1864. He was a copper(sic?).” The bottle measures 11” by 2 1/2".” An interesting piece of Civil War era folk art that warrants further research.

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    Inventory Number: BOT 120