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  • 1864 Presidential Election Ribbon / Sold

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    1864 Presidential Election Ribbon - Inventory number: POL 112 / Sold

    This scarce ribbon is constructed of red silk with a silver bullion star medallion.  Affixed to an embroidered American flag is a brass frame containing an original image of General McClellan.  Still retains its original zinc plated push pin to affix to clothing!

    In the 1864 U.S. presidential election, the Democrats nominated Union Army General George McClellan for U.S. President and Ohio U.S. Representative George Pendleton for U.S. Vice President. During the campaign, McClellan vowed to do a better job of prosecuting the Union Army effort in the American Civil War than incumbent U.S. President Abraham Lincoln did. Ultimately, the McClellan-Pendleton ticket lost to the National Union ticket of Abraham Lincoln and former U.S. Senator Andrew Johnson. 

    Inventory Number: POL 112 / Sold