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  • 1864 Union Presidential Ticket

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    1864 Union Presidential Ticket - Inventory Number: POL 320

    This 1864 Union Presidential Ticket for Ohio lists Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson for President and Vice President, as well as, the names of Ohio’s twenty-one electors. The ballot is decorated with a chest-up vignette of Lady Liberty wearing a plumed helmet and brandishing a sword labelled “Union” while rays of stars and stripes radiate behind her. This ticket was printed for Wayne County, Ohio.

    The incumbent President Abraham Lincoln was re-elected during the 1864 election, winning nearly all the state electoral votes, including Ohio’s, as well as the popular vote. 7 1/8″ x 3 1/8″.

    Comes housed in 8 x 14 riker display case with red velvet and descriptive card.

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    Inventory Number: POL 320