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  • 1866 $20 The State of Louisiana Note / SOLD

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    1866 $20 The State of Louisiana Note - Inventory Number: CUR 069 / SOLD

    New Orleans, LA. Cr.27

    This note features a Vignette of a busy pier scene at the upper left. A portrait of Thomas Jefferson is at the bottom right. The reverse has an ornate green design with a shield at the center flanked by two large green panels with "20" counters inside. 

    These notes were issued under the provisions of the Act of Feb. 9, 1866. The notes were receivable in payment of all state dues and for the sale of public lands. At the bearer's discretion, they could also be converted into state bonds earning 6% interest. It's unknown why these notes were issued but Louisiana was probably faced with a shortage of money in the days immediately after the Civil War, much like other Southern states.   This note is in good condition and has hammer cut cancellation.  Scarce note.

    Inventory Number: CUR 069 / SOLD