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  • 1/9th Plate Ambrotype of Pastor / SOLD

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    1/9th Plate Ambrotype of Pastor - Inventory Number: HAR 156 / SOLD

    Very clear 1/9th plate Civil War era Ambrotype of a pastor. He is dressed in all black with a double-breasted vest and frock coat and holds the Bible in one hand. A watch chain is visible near his other hand. His cheeks are subtly tinted pink. 

    The Ambrotype is backed by a partial CDV of a New Hampshire Soldier with musket and accoutrements, showing off the distinctive New Hampshire State issue forage cap.  The regimental number on the cap is  challenging to read.  It is possible that the ambrotype is Elevin M. Wheelock, Chaplain of the 15th New Hampshire.  The man in the Ambrotype bears some resemblance to a bearded photo of Wheelock.    

    Comes housed in a display case with black velvet backing and descriptive card.

    Inventory Number: HAR 156 / SOLD