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  • 2.75 Inch, 12 Pound Whitworth Bolt / SOLD

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    2.75 Inch, 12 Pound Whitworth Bolt - Inventory Number:  ART 373 / SOLD

    Superb British workmanship is evident on this exotic projectile form. Designed by Sir Joseph Whitworth in 1855, the projectile was cast of "mild steel" in the hexagon form and then sent through an automatic plane to precision finish the six sides which appear flat but are actually slightly concave.  The rest of the unit was then shaped.  Whitworth designed his rifles so that they could be used as a breech or muzzleloader. The Confederacy imported a number of these advanced and deadly accurate guns through the Union naval blockade. At Gettysburg, Hardaway’s Alabama Battery fielded two 12 Pound Whitworth guns throughout the battle to great effect, with the solid bolt being the most common round deployed. This example appears to be non-excavated with an extremely slick, plum brown patina. The lathe dimple in the nose and the machining grooves on the sides of the outer ridges are readily apparent. A fine example that would be difficult to upgrade. 

     Inventory Number:  ART 373 / SOLD