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  • Federal Parrott 30 Pound Chilled Nose / SOLD

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    Federal Parrott “30 Pound Chilled – Nose” - Inventory Number: ART 032 / SOLD

    DIAMETER: 4.12 inches
    GUN: 30-pounder Parrott Rifle, 4.2-inch Caliber
    LENGTH: About 10 1/8 inches
    WEIGHT: About 30 pounds
    CONSTRUCTION: Bolt       

    SABOT: Brass, Type 2
    FUZING: None

    This is a typical bolt in this caliber, with a chilled iron knob and the type 2 sabot.  This type of sabot stayed on quite well.  This projectile is often referred to as a "Chilled-Nose" Parrott Bolt.

    Inventory Number: ART 032 / SOLD