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  • 35 Star United States Flag from the Civil War / SOLD

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    35 Star United States Flag from the Civil War - Inventory Number: FLA 012 / SOLD

    Bright and gently used, large U.S. national flag of 35 stars (official from the 4th of July, 1863 unti 4th of July 1865, and representing West Virginia's admission to statehood of the 20th of June, 1863).  The overall size of the flag (136" - 11 1/3 ft. on its hoist by 210" - 17 1/2 ft - on its fly) this flag was pressed into use as a "secondary martial" flag at a recruiting rendezvous or over a large public building.  Flag is composed of thirteen, alternating red and white wool bunting striped, all conjoined by hand, with dark wool bunting 4 piece canton inset into the upper hoist corner, measuring 74 1/2" on its hoist by 7-" on its fly.  Canton bears thirty-five (35) white cotton, 5 - pointed stars set in five horizontal rows of seven star each.  Each star is hand sewn tot he reverse side of the canton (where they measures 8" to 8 1/4" across the points) while on the obverse side the dark blue bunting has been cut away and under-hemmed to expose the white backs of the stars on the reverse.  (On the obverse, accordingly, the stars measure 7 1/4" to 7 1/2" across their points).  A white canvas heading, 1 1/4" wide when doubled, had been hand sewn along the leading edge to form a sleeve for a rope that runs its full length and which is looped into eyelets at each end for affixing to the halyards.  Reverse side of the heading is finely worked with the embroidered name, "C.S. Stryker" in pink woolen script letters, probably the name of the flag's owner. 

    The flag is in magnificent, almost new condition, with some small period repairs, and some minor light soiling due to use and exposure to the natural elements when in use.  This flag is unconditionally guaranteed authentic lifetime to be original from the Civil War. 

    Inventory Number: FLA 012 / SOLD