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  • .44 Caliber Henry Rifle Cartridge

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    .44 Caliber Henry Rifle Cartridge - Inventory Number: BUL 375

    The Henry repeating rifle was a lever-action tubular magazine rifle that was one of the most advanced firearms designs of the Civil War era. Designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860, the Henry was a sixteen-shot .44 caliber rimfire breech-loading lever-action rifle. It was introduced in the early 1860s and produced through 1866 in the United States by the New Haven Arms Company. The Henry was adopted in small quantities by the Union in the Civil War, favored for its greater firepower than the standard-issue carbine. This non-excavated cartridge is in complete condition with some green corrosion on one side of the copper casing. A nice representative example. 

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    Inventory Number: BUL 375