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  • 44th Ohio Infantry and 8th Ohio Cavalry Badge

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    44th Ohio Infantry and 8th Ohio Cavalry Badge - Inventory Number: INS 250

    This is a rare Civil War badge representing Department of Ohio, 44th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the 8th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. The 44th Ohio Infantry mustered out and was quickly reconstituted in January 1864 as the 8th Ohio Cavalry, hence the reason both regiments are identified on this badge. The badge measures 1 3/4" wide x 2" high. It is stamped white metal with a lead-filled back. Embedded in the lead is a pin closure of Civil War style. This badge originated from the estate of a Major of the 44th Ohio.

    Forty-fourth Infantry. - Col., Samuel A. Gilbert;, Lieut.-Cols., H. Blair Wilson, Lysander W. Tulleys; Majs., Ackber 0. Mitchell, Alpheus S. Moore. This regiment was organized at Springfield, from Sept. 12 to Oct. 14, 1861, to serve for three years. On Oct. 14 it moved via Cincinnati, to Camp Piatt, W. Va., and remained in camp all the following winter, quietly drilling. In May, 1862, with another regiment, it penetrated as far as Dublin Depot and destroyed a portion of the railroad track. Hearing that a large force of Confederates was endeavoring to intercept their retreat, the two regiments with-drew to Lewisburg where the enemy appeared and was not only re-pulsed but routed, leaving most of his dead and wounded to fall into the hands of Union troops, together with 3 pieces of artillery and many prisoners. Being sent to Kentucky the regiment partook in the engagement of Dutton's hill in March, 1863, charging the Confederates and contributing materially to their rout. In Jan., 1864, 550 men out of 600 re-enlisted, and when they again reassembled it was under the name of the 8th Ohio cavalry. Eighth Cavalry. - Cols., Samuel A. Gilbert, Alpheus S. Moore, Thomas Drummond, Wesley Owens; Lieut.-Cols., Lysander W. Tulleys, Robert Youart, Augustus Dotze; Majs., Jacob A. Souders, James W. Shaw, Nicholas D. Badger. This regiment, formerly the 44th infantry, was organized as a veteran cavalry regiment by order of the secretary of war. Its designation was changed to the 8th Ohio volunteer cavalry in Jan., 1864, and the organization, composed of veterans and recruits was retained in service until July 30, 1865, when it was mustered out in accordance with orders from the war department. Immediately after or during the retreat from Lynchburg, Va., and until Dec. 1, 1864, this regiment was divided, one detachment being ordered to Beverly, W. Va. where it arrived on June 30, 1864, and the other taking part in the operations in the Shenandoah Val-ley, including the skirmishes in which the cavalry was engaged and the battles of Winchester, Fisher's hill and Cedar creek. At Huttonsville, W. Va., Aug. 23, 1864, 80 men belonging to Cos. C, H and K were surprised and captured, their arms, equipments and horses only being taken. The camp of the 8th at Beverly, W. Va., was attacked on Oct. 29, 1864, just before daylight, but after a severe hand-to-hand fight, the Confederates, who had intended a surprise, were forced to retreat with a loss of 17 killed, 27 wounded and 92 prisoners while the regiment lost only 8 killed, 25 wounded and 13 missing. On the morning of Jan. 11, 1865, between 3 and 4 o'clock, the enemy under Gen. Rosser attacked and surprised the camp of the 8th Ohio cavalry and the 34th Ohio infantry, at Beverly, killed 5 men, wounded 20 and captured 583. The captured men were taken to Richmond, Va., where they were held as prisoners until Feb. 15, 1865, when they were sent to Annapolis, Md., and thence to Camp Chase (parole camp), Ohio, where they were mustered out by order of the war department.

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    Inventory Number: INS 250