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  • .72 Caliber Austrian Carbine / Sold

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    .72 Caliber Austrian Carbine - Inventory Number: RIF 093 / Sold

    Presented here is a Model 1842 Austrian carbine in very good condition. Carbine is also called the ‘Kammer-Karabiner’ and features a huge.75 caliber barrel that is strongly rifled with twelve lands and grooves. Originally known as a “tube lock’ carbine, these short arms were altered to percussion after 1854 and many saw service in the American Civil War as agents for both sides sought them out in Europe and sent many carbines home for use.

    Carbine measures 30” long overall and features a heavy, one-piece stock, possibly sap wood. Stock is unmarked with a high cheek piece on the left side.  Carbine also has a sling bar for a carbine ring on the left side of stock.  Still retains its original ramrod.

    All gunmetal exhibits a nice bright steel finish.  The 14 ½” long barrel secures to the stock with one large barrel band. Barrel and the wood appear to never have been cleaned. Never had a rear sight but retains its original front sight. A very fine example!

    Inventory Number: RIF 093 / Sold