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  • Abraham Lincoln Relics / SOLD

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    Abraham Lincoln Relics - Inventory Number: POL 057 / SOLD

    Four pieces of Sacred Wood are affixed to a sheet inside the cover of "Lincoln The Poet" known as the Springfield edition a series of 300 copies were produced with sections of wood from Historic sites related to the martyred President 

    Sacred Wood from Lincoln's Home in Springfield, Illinois which was presented to the Poet Hunter, by Herbert Fay, keeper of Lincoln's Tomb.  Included is a piece of oak roof board, a piece of wood from the floor of Lincoln's childhood home, a piece of oak rail, and a piece of walnut door from Edward's home where Lincoln courted and married Mary Todd.  

    First complete edition of Lincoln the Poet, poems by Abraham Lincoln edited by the Poet Hunter.  30 poems by Abraham Lincoln.  Copyright 1941.  

    Inventory Number: POL 057 / SOLD