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  • Albumen of Sergeant George Ziegler, 126th PA Volunteers & Inscribed Poetry Book / SOLD

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    Large Albumen of Sergeant George F. Ziegler, 126th PA Volunteers and "The Poems of Goldsmith, Smollett, Johnson, & Shenstone", with inscription presented to Ziegler by his father.   Albumen measures approximately 13" x 10 7/8".  Book is leather bond and titles The Poetical Works of Oliver Goldsmith, Tobias Smollett, Samuel Johnson, and William Shenstone, printed by Routledge, Warne, & Rouledge, Broadway, Ludgate Hill, New York 1865 and contains 196 pages.  Purchased from Craig Caba.  Interior bears the following inscription:

    "New York Room 18 - Mer-

    Chants Hole

    June 26th A.D. 1869

    10 Ock AM

    Presented to

    George F. Ziegler

    By his Father

    On the eve of his departure / to Europe.  On the steamer / Europa - as - token of his / love ans affection, and accompanied with the hope / and prayer that God will / protect and bless him amid / all the perils and dangers / of his journey by sea and land / and bring him back again in health / and safely to his home & friends"

    George F. Zeigler-

    Residence Franklin County PA;

    Enlisted on 8/7/1862 as a Private.

    On 8/7/1862 he mustered into "K" Co. PA 126th Infantry

    He was Mustered Out on 5/20/1863 at Harrisburg, PA


    * Sergt 8/15/1862

    * Sergt Major 8/18/1862

    Intra Regimental Company Transfers:

    * 8/18/1862 from company K to Field & Staff


    One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Infantry. - Col., James G. Elder; Lieut.-Col., D. W. Rowe; Majs., James C. Austin, Robert S.  Brownson.  In response to the call of July, 1862, the 126th was recruited in Juniata, Fulton and Franklin counties and mustered into the U. S. service at Harrisburg early in August for a nine months' term.  It moved to Washington on Aug. 15 and was sent to Cloud's mills, where it was attached to the 1st brigade, 3d division, 5th corps.  On Sept. 12, it started for Antietam, but was held in reserve during the battle, afterward encamping at Sharpsburg, where many of the men were near home. The next post was at Warrenton, Va., and then the army moved to Falmouth.  In the battle of Fredericksburg, the regiment participated in the ineffectual charge of Humphrey's division upon Marye's heights, sustaining severe loss.  The charge of the division was highly complimented by Gens. Hooker and Tyler.  After sharing in the discomforts of the futile "Mud March," the regiment established winter quarters at Falmouth and remained there until the opening of the Chancellorsville campaign at the end of April, 1863.  It was closely engaged on May 2, the brigade holding its ground until its ammunition was exhausted, when, failing to receive support, it was obliged to fall back after suffering heavy loss.  For its courage and steadiness, it was highly praised by Gen. Tyler.  On May 20, 1863, the 126th was mustered out of service at Harrisburg.

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