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  • Allen and Thurber Deluxe Pepperbox Revolver Allen's Patent 1837

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    Allen and Thurber Deluxe Pepperbox Revolver  - Inventory Number: HAN 104

    Allen's Patent 1837

    "ALLEN & THURBER WORCESTER" and "PATENTED 1837 CAST-STEEL" on two of the barrel ribs. A fine floral vine pattern is engraved on the nipple shield, with scrollwork on the sides of the frame and scalloped borders on the backstrap. The side of the hammer is marked "ALLEN'S PATENT",

    .31 caliber percussion, 3 7/8-inch barrel cluster, 6-shot, one barrel rib marked PATENTED 1837 CAST-STEEL; bar hammer marked on left side ALLEN'S PATENT; scroll and border engraved frame and backstrap, nipple shield appears to have been roll engraved and acid etched varnished walnut grips with oval escutcheons.

    Inventory Number: HAN 104