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  • Ames Model 1840 Artillery Saber and Scabbard / SOLD

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    Ames Model 1840 Artillery Saber and Scabbard - Inventory Number: SWO 075 / SOLD

    This Model 1840 Light Artillery saber was made by the N. P. Ames Company of Cabotsville, Massachusetts in 1847.  Ames was one of the most prolific sword makers in the United States and is considered one of the best. 

    The 32.25 inch blade on this saber is very bright with just the slightest mottling scattered throughout its surface.  The central fuller starts at the ricasso and runs approximately 25.00 inches.  One side of the ricasso is stamped "N.P. AMES/CABOTVILLE/1847" in three lines.  The hilt has a brass Phrygian style pommel cap with a single knucklebow coming around to a thin guard ending in a circular quillon.  The underside of the guard is recessed to accept the throat of the iron scabbard.  The grip is of wood wrapped in leather with a twisted wire wrap running approximately 16 courses around the grip.  The leather and wire show some wear and the brass has a light patina.  The iron scabbard has a good amount  of black enamel finish with muted gold painted accents, probably from a veterans' hall collection.  The scabbard is complete with drag, both mounts and rings. 

    This is an early Model 1840 Artillery saber that could have seen action in the Mexican War, the frontier, and the Civil War. 

    Inventory Number: SWO 075 / SOLD