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  • Andrew Johnson Impeachment Ticket / SOLD

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    Andrew Johnson Impeachment Ticket - Inventory Number: POL 207 / SOLD

    An original 1868 engraving and an original U.S. Senate gallery pass for the impeachment proceeding of President Andrew Johnson. The pass was used by its original owner because the pass originally had a stub on it that was removed when the bearer entered the Senate gallery that over looked the Senate chamber.

    Johnson was impeached on February 24, 1868 in the U.S House of Representatives for violating the “Tenure of Office Act” when he removed Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton from office and replaced him with Major General Lorenzo Thomas.

    The House agreed to the articles of impeachment on 2 March 1868. The trial began three days later in the Senate with Supreme Court Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase presiding. The trial concluded on 16 May 1868 with President Johnson being acquitted. The act of impeachment failed by one vote which caused the measure not to met the necessary two-thirds majority vote.

    On the reverse of the frame is a reproduction print of the Senate's Sergeant -at-Arms George T. Brown serving at President Johnson in the White House with the notice of impeachment. Interestingly there are no known photographs of George T. Brown so only the engravings of the time depicting Brown are evidence as to what he looked like.


    Inventory Number: POL 207 / SOLD