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    General Andrew Porter - Inventory Number: AUT 031 / SOLD

    CDV of General Andrew Porter accompanied by ink signature with rank.  

    (July 10, 1820 – January 3, 1872)

    Brigadier General in the Union Army during the American Civil War. He was an important staff officer under George B. McClellan during the 1862 Peninsula Campaign, serving as the Provost Marshal of the Army of the Potomac.

       Porter, Andrew, brigadier-general, was born in Lancaster, Pa., July 10, 1820.  He entered the United States military academy in 1836, but left in 1837, and in 1846 he was appointed 1st lieutenant in the mounted rifles.  He served throughout the Mexican war, winning the brevet of major for gallant and meritorious conduct at Contreras and Churubusco, and lieutenant-colonel for services at Chapultepec.  He was promoted captain, May 15, 1847, served after the close of the Mexican war in Texas and the southwest, and on May 14, 1861, was promoted colonel of the 16th infantry.  He was commissioned brigadier-general of volunteers on May 17, and commanded a brigade in the 2nd division, McDowell's army, at the battle of Bull Run, and, after Gen. David Hunter was wounded, the division.  He was provost-marshal-general of the Army of the Potomac 1861-62; organized state troops at Harrisburg, Pa., in 1862, and in November was given a command in Pennsylvania and charged with the duties of provost-marshal-general of Washington, where he rendered valuable service in restoring order in the city and the surrounding district.  He was mustered out of the volunteer service, April 4, 1864, and, owing to impaired health, resigned his commission in the regular establishment on April 20, afterwards traveling in Europe.  He died in Paris, France, Jan. 3, 1872.

    Inventory Number: AUT 031 / SOLD