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  • Army of Northern Virgnia Camp Recoveries / Sold

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    Army of Norther Virginia Camp Recoveries - Inventory Number: GRO 014 / Sold

    An attractive display from the museum collection of Robert C. Laurens of Pennsylvania whom displayed this in his museum in Wayne, PA.  Housed in a custom made shadowbox frame with its original typed display tag stating:  

    “Artifacts Excavated in Several Winter Camps of the Confederate Army near Fredericksburg and Hamilton's Crossing, Virginia.  The Camps Date Mainly from the Winter of 1862 – 1863.  This Collection is Notable in its Portrayal of the Minor Personal Effects of the A.N.V.”

           Artifacts included:

    Ornate buckle with raised figure

    Complete crossed cannon insignia

    Pair of Smith's Patent Shoulder Bar Boarders

    6 Carved Nipple Protectors

    16 Glass Buttons

    13 Suspender / Fly Buttons

    2 Complete Musket Tools

    An Austrian Lorenz Lockplate

    Artillery Friction Primer

    Confederate Iron Sword Hanger

    4 Percussion Caps

    2 High Impact Bullets

    8 Rings – Wedding Rings

    11 Company Hat Letters

    2 Regimental Numbers

    10 Assorted Vest Buckles

    Lead and Iron Shoe Plates

    4 Confederate Bayonet Finials

    7 Lead Finials from Cap / Cartridge Boxes

    9 Sword Belt Studs / Rivets

    4 Confederate Buttons

    Watch Key

    Stamped Large Cent

    Rosette with Crown Device

    Musket Hammer

    Tag Marked - Ridge Wood Club

    Inventory Number: GRO 014 / Sold