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  • Federal Hotchkiss Shell / SOLD

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    Federal Hotchkiss - Inventory Number: ART 017 / SOLD    

    DIAMETER: 2.94 inches
    GUN: 3-inch wrought iron (ordnance) rifle
    LENGTH: 6 7/8 inches
    WEIGHT: 8 pounds 3 ounces
    SABOT: Lead band
    FUZING: Hotchkiss brass fuze plug, paper time fuze

    More 3-inch Hotchkiss shells of this particular pattern were manufactured than any other style Hotchkiss projectile during the Civil War. Specimens have been found with the Hotchkiss patent on the base cup, "HOTCHKISS PAT. OCT. 9, 1855". Note the original black arsenal paint on this specimen.  This was the most common type of projectile fired from the 3-inch wrought iron rifle.

    Inventory Number: ART 017 / SOLD