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  • Artilleryman's Belt with Short Artillery Sword / SOLD

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    Artilleryman's Belt with Short Sword  - Inventory Number: SWO 120 / SOLD

    This Model 1832 style sword is most often referred to as a "Heavy Artillery" or Artillery short sword. It is little known that this was also the N.C.O. (non-commissioned officer) sword from 1832 until it was replaced with a new regulation N.C.O. sword model in 1840. This sword has its original fine condition white buff belt and frog with the early style 1836 “U.S.” interlocking belt plate.

    This Ames Model 1832 U.S. Foot Artilleryman’s short sword in very good original condition.  Handsome and ruggedly made, this blade specimen is a product of the Ames Manufacturing Company of Massachusetts.  The artilleryman’s sword features a hefty, double-edged, steel blade that measures 19” long x 1¾” wide at the hilt.  This hefty short sword is rather unwieldy and its use as a weapon is debatable with some contemporary accounts indicating that this type weapon was used to clear brush and other obstacles from around gun positions.

    The blade has a bright finish overall and is in excellent condition. Produced by N.P. Ames of Springfield, Massachusetts, the sword is marked on the obverse ricasso with “[spread-winged eagle] / N.P. Ames / Springfield” while the reverse ricasso exhibits “UNITED / STATES / 1843”.  Portions of the eagle motif are worn. The solid brass hilt has the typical ‘fish-scale’ handle and strong eagle marks embossed on both sides of the pommel. The face of the hilt cross guard exhibits inspector’s intitials “W.A.T.”.

    Matching leather scabbard is in very fine, condition, complete with its brass throat and brass drag, both still tightly attached to the scabbard with all eight of the small brass nails. Brass buttonhook on throat is lacking. Leather body remains strong and one of the best we've seen, stitching remains tight and unbroken.

    These short swords are difficult to locate in the collecting field today and this fine specimen with its original scabbard would make a wonderful addition to any early US military edged weapon display or collection.

    Inventory Number: SWO 120 / SOLD