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    Aston Horse Pistol - Inventory Number: HAN 125 / SOLD

    Very nice example!

    The Model 1842 was the last single shot smoothbore pistol issued by the U.S. Army,  It remained in service through the first years of the Civil War.  Manufactured by Henry Aston of Middleton, Connecticut, who produced approximately 6,000 1842 pistols between 1851-1852.  This pistol represents the late production models with a "1852" dated lock and barrel tang.  This attractive pistol has "National Armory Bright" barrel, hammer, lock plate, and ramrod.  The barrel band, trigger guard, buttcap and back strap are polished brass.  The stock is oil finished walnut.  The .54 caliber barrel is fitted with a button-head swivel ramrod.  The brass  barrel band has strap extension that is connected to the side plate.  The buttcap and back strap are a single piece and extend to the barrel tang.  The lock plate has a beveled edge and is marked: "MIDDtn/CONN/1852" vertically in three lines behind the hammer and "U.S./. ASTON & CO" in two lines front of the hammer.  The top of the barrel is stamped: "US/JH/P" in three lines perpendicular to the bore and has the small sub-inspector's initials "W" stamped on the left barrel flat.  The barrel tang is dated "1852".  Small block "N" sub-inspector initials are stamped on the side plate and trigger guard.  The left stock flat is stamped with a small, block, "N" sub-inspection stamp and script "JW" and "WAT" final inspection stamps with oval boarders.

    A crisp bright finish remains overall showing only storage and handling type wear.  All markings are crisp and clear.  The brass components have aged to pleasant even mellow patina.  The stock is excellent exhibiting sharp edges and a few light pressure marks on the stock.  Overall excellent example U.S. Martial Henry Aston Model 1842 Percussion Pistol.  

    Inventory Number: HAN 125 / SOLD